Why kick scooter?

Top 8 Reasons We Kick

In no particular order of importance.

  1. Stylish & Cool

Forget the grease & crease & strike in style. Kick scooters won’t let you lose your poise nor your elegance. Wear whatever you want – from the simple shirt & jeans to stylish suits & skirts – and you’ll be surprised it’s all comfy classy. Plus, you would usually see people give that second look of wow. With a smile, even yak phrases like “that’s so cool!” or “where can I buy that?”  


  1. Perfect City Buddy

The kick scooter is the perfect mode of transportation in the city. It’s a great alternative to getting around the urban landscape you call home. A trip to the grocery, walking the dog or scrambling to get to your next meeting… well, all easier with a kickbike.  The city commute becomes a breeze when you can avoid the traffic with your kick scooter. Mingle through pedestrians, roll on sidewalks and “kick” into subways or trains. Time is gold people so why not save it using your fast rolling kick scooter? 


  1. Handy

Yes, you can lift your kickbike with just one hand. Compact & light, it is not only easy to carry but no sweat to store as well. Most kick scooters are relatively small and foldable.  


  1. Easy Upkeep

Maintenance is not going to be hard. A little care goes a long way. Before each ride, just make sure your brakes are well adjusted; nuts, bolts & hubs are tightened; and tire pressure is just right, ready for a fast & free ride.  Every month, you can oil your brake cables. Then, using a mild detergent just clean away mud or grime if any. Every now & then, you may also polish your scooter using car wax or a bike polish.


  1. Fit & Trim

Modern living has robbed us of the necessary physical activity. Sedentary on our office chairs, a lot of us have become unhealthy & overweight through the years. Kickbiking will break that and do miracles to our bodies. Kicking with a footbike is a fun way to do aerobic & cardiovascular exercise with low impact to our knees, joints and ankles.  Regular rides and a lot of kicks will help you shed off some unwanted fat in no time.


  1. Green

Kick scooters are environmentally friendly. Plain and simple, kickbikes do not contribute to air and noise pollution.


  1. For the Young & Old  

Anyone can learn to ride a kickscooter. Kicking is not just for kids but for adults with a child-like heart. As we say here, whether you are eight or eighty if you can kick it, you can do it!


  1. Fun & Free

What is your purpose for kicking? Whether for leisure, sports or fitness, one thing is for sure. You will have fun. With a kick scooter it is easy to stop and simply enjoy your surroundings. You can ride amid lovely sites and beautiful sceneries or just get away from old gym routines.  Let your inner child go crazy and free. Let’s kick! 

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