Getting Started

Here are 5 simple steps to get you started. 

Step 1

It is all about you

It all begins by recognizing who you are and Identifying your needs.  Share with us your current lifestyle goals today.

Are you a pro or a kid? A coach or an athlete? On a diet or just of a healthy bent? Sporting a suit or a skirt? Simply ready for work? Or out for some fun on a sunny turf? Well, we have exactly what you need – the kick bike that perfectly matches your lifestyle. Stretch your legs & pick the best. 


Step 2  Pick the right model

We offer you only the best kick scooters available in the market right now.  You can choose from a list of products we carry at the moment.


Classic - The most basic scooter for everyday use on your daily routine like shopping, moseying, or just to add some spice on your weekly workout.  

Travel Mode - This kick scooter is for your everyday commute to and from your office but it can also suit the tourist who is up for frequent sightseeing.  

Fitness - This scooter is ideal for health buffs who would like some strength training as well as body contouring.  Road racing As the name implies, this model is set for the competitive soul who fancies speed racing & sees kick scooting as a sport.

Mushing - Instead of walking your dog, cruise on a scooter with your pet and enjoy the ride.  Mountain trekking This type is for those who would like to extend their playground and enter the difficult terrain of mountains, forests, slopes & rough road. Freestyle street & tricks This is not for the faint-hearted but for our young talented “acrobats” and freestyle tricksters.  

Micro model - This is the smallest kick scooter we have for those who need mobility that can be stored in just a few square meters.


Step 3  Get your safety gear

As they always say, “safety first”! Whether you are just kicking for fun or to do some stunts make sure you get your protective gears.

You may also shop for apparels that closely match your fashion style and of course, the kick scooter of your choice.  

Kick scooter accessories are also available – from funky water bottles to smart scooter computers that can help measure your performance.


Step 4  Join our team of Kickers

You are not alone.

We are a team of unique individuals who simply love riding kick scooters. Join us as we reap the many benefits and the fun that this activity brings to people, places and time.  Be a part of this growing community and let us share with you our knowledge, enthusiasm and passion for kick scooting.

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Step 5

Let's kick!

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