Anatomy of a Kick Bike

This section would explore the basic things a beginner should know about kick scooters.

What is a Kick Bike?

A kick bike looks like a bicycle complete with two wheels and handlebars but minus the seat, chains and pedals. Instead, it has a kickboard-like platform which one can stand on. 

Kicking and pushing against the ground with one foot propels you. With the platform set close to the ground, the kick scooter has a low center of gravity and allows the rider to make smooth quick turns making the ride a fun and easy experience.  

Kick bikes are also known as kick scooters, foot bikes, big wheel scooters or push scooters

Kick Scooter offers a wide range of high-quality kick scooters for kids, teenagers and adults. So, whether you are three years old or over 50, you can kick your way to a happy & active lifestyle.

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