Fitness benefits


Good Health Regular exercise is a mark of healthy living. Kick scooters is a good exercise equipment which is not restricted inside a gym or the four corners of your room. Kicking usually grants mild to moderate aerobic & cardiovascular exercise for you. As it uses different muscle groups from the hand, arms, back and thighs, you are in for a full body workout. Plus, you can expect no joint damage as there is only low impact to your knees, joints and ankles. Physiotherapists also recommend riding a scooter as it stretches and relaxes your back muscles while also preventing neck & hip bones pain. In time, you will observe your posture will improve.


Effective Weight Loss A sedentary lifestyle and obesity have both been recently cited as some of the factors that lead to cancer. So if you are overweight or gaining kilos too fast, please consider kicking with us. The key to losing weight quicker is to concentrate on working your large muscle groups. Kick biking does that. When riding a foot bike, the stationary leg uses the anterior thigh muscles and the kick leg works the posterior & thigh calf muscles. Compared to cycling, riding a scooter burns 30% more energy because your full body is at work. Common problem areas like the belly, waist, hips, thighs and buttocks are dealt with and shaped nicely through regular kicking. Just make sure to switch legs often to achieve a symmetrical workout.      


Cross training If you are an athlete perhaps a runner, cyclist or triathlete, why not consider including kickbiking into your workout routine? You and your coach will find that it will help strengthen your body, boost your muscle speed and improve your endurance by maintaining a target heart rate for long periods of time.   

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