Basics of Kicking

Basic instructions on Kicking                  

Long Kicks. Relax. Roll. The kickbike’s speed will work for you.

  1. Swing Forward & Lift Knee

Begin by placing one foot on the scooter’s platform & the other foot on the ground. Lift your kicking foot forward. Take note that the higher the knee lift, the higher the speed as you gain more momentum.


  1. Swing Backwards & Push

Swing your kicking foot backwards. As you swing, use your toes to push the ground just behind the supporting or stationary foot, which is on the platform.  


  1. Take long kicks

Extend your kicking leg & ankle while keeping your arms straight from the handlebar

You may kick several times if you want to increase your speed.


  1. Relax & Roll 

Relax after a kick by straightening the supporting leg and let the kicking leg swing forward onto the platform. With your feet together, relax and glide away!




Foot Switch

Switch feet when the kicking leg gets tired. That way you also get a symmetrical workout. Remember you may need to switch feet in between 3-10 kicks. The harder the kicks the more frequent the changes.


Below are 3 ways to change feet.


  1. Basic foot change.  If you have to learn just one technique to switch feet, this is it. Master this while trying not to look at your toes. Also, keep in mind that there is no need to rush while attempting a foot change. Take your time.


Pivot the stationary or supporting foot to make room for the other foot to slide in onto the platform. Then, put off the stationary foot and start kicking the ground. At the same time, straighten the other foot which is left on the platform.


  1. Hop & switch. This type of foot change is used when speed is low, usually for climbs. Also, this is for the confident rider.


Let’s say the left foot is currently your kick foot. As it moves forward, hop using the right foot & let it land on the ground. At the same time, allow the left foot to land on the platform. 


  1. Flying man. This is best used on flat land and for faster speed.


Imagine again that your left foot is the kick foot. As it moves forward, lift the heel of the stationary foot. Then place the left foot on the platform. At the same time, allow the right leg to swing forward off the platform to the ground. Then you can start kicking!
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