The Best Fitness Companion - Yedoo Wolfer! May 09 2020


Yedoo Wolfer is the biggest model from Yedoo's Alloy collection.  Yedoo is authentic Czech brand - they specialize in designing and producing world-class kick bike for adults and children.

 The distinctive Yedoo Wolfer has won a 2016 Red Dot Award, one of the most prestigious awards for product design.  You can get fit and win races.  You can kick it every day.  You'll ride so quickly and lightly that you'll soon understand that now you can do better.  Wolfer is a predator.

You can set such high goals for yourself, that once you reach them you won't stop smiling.  The right geometry and aerodynamics, the perfect frame with optimal toughness, a plenty of room for the rider, the cutting-edge components.  The unique trapezoidal shape of footboard, originally solved rear dropout, choice of the number of nonslip grips, the double rear fork, preparation for accessories.  Don't show anyone the route you covered today, they wouldn't believe you.


The kick bike is absolutely beneficial fitness companion.  Kicking is awesome to improve overall health condition. 

It helps one to relax, stretch and firm up back muscles, shape and tone parts of body, and can provide a superb aerobic exercise.  Along with the cross training benefits it also provides a low impact and fun sport to help you stay in or get in shape.  All these these attributes make the kick bike a tremendously effective life enhancing tool.


Kick biking, or what most riders call it «kicking», is probably the best exercise to improve your fitness healthily while burning fat.  It burns up to 30% more energy than cycling, while saving your joints and avoiding saddles sores.  It is not only a fantastic way to burn fat, but also a great way to be more physically active.  Kicking is an exercise that combines pleasure and a sense of freedom.  



Kicking puts your heart to work - the same with what happens in aerobic exercises like brisk walking, dancing and jogging.  As your heart pumps blood, your cardiovascular system gets fit, and so chances of coronary illnesses are lessened. 




Kicking gives you muscles the much-needed boost that allows  them to carry out more difficult tasks.  Continuous kicking and balancing on a kick bike strengthen the muscles in you buttocks, calves, hips and thighs.  This is achieved without damaging joints as it is a low-impact exercise.  With that, the sensitive cartilages in your body are preserved.  Kicking also helps those who are prone to muscle strain or injuries concerning back, feet, hips and knees.



Kicking usually grants mild to moderate aerobic and cardiovascular exercise for you.  As it uses different muscle groups from the hand, arms, back and thighs, you are in for a full body workout.  Plus you can expect no joint damage as there is only low impact to your knees, joints and ankles.  Physiotherapists also recommend riding a scooter as it stretches and relaxes your back muscles while also preventing neck and hip bones pain.  In time, you will observe your posture will improve.


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