Kick start

Challenge yourself to explore with kick scooter or kick bike! We are pretty sure you will enjoy the adventure! 

We are the first online store in Asia offering high quality kick bikes for all ages. Whether you are eight, eighteen or even eighty… if you can kick it then you can do it.

Kick bikes or  kick scooters look just like bicycles minus the seat, chains and pedals. All you need to do is kick the ground with one foot while the other foot rests on a platform. So you get 30% more of the workout compared to cycling because push scooting makes more use of the whole body. But you won’t feel the strain because the kickboard-like platform is set low to the ground. With a low center of gravity it makes way for a stable, easy & fun ride.

Do you fancy quick turns and fast downhill slopes or do you prefer a slow kick in the park? Well, name your lifestyle and we will match you up with a model that fits you perfectly. Plus we also offer a wide range of scooting apparels and accessories that suit the scooter of your choice. You can choose from the classic basic model to more customized ones that cater to your specific lifestyle goal. Travel. Fitness. Racing. Mushing. Trekking. Stunts. And the list goes on.


Call us at +65 96824245 to book an appointment for a free test ride.


Then you can meet our growing & passionate team of kickers and decide which scooter you would love to have.

Let’s kick!

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