Flexible Cable/Wire Organisers


Silicone Cable/Wire Organiser

10 pieces/pack 
Each pack comes with the following colours:   White, Red Yellow, Green and Blue

Tired of all those messy cables and cords cluttering your bag, TV console, computer or your desk?  You can now keep them neat and organised with these flexible, 
long-lasting silicone cable/wire organisers.  

These cable organisers will help you tidy up your headphones, chargers, 
USB cables or other accessory items, they can also hold your pens, keys and even use them to tie your bag of chips or other tidbits!

They are flexible, practical, elastic and durable.

Product Description
Quantity: 10 pieces per pack
Material: Rubber Silicone
Length: Approx. 8 cm
Color: White, Red Yellow, Green & Blue

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